Well, happy 2020 and hello there short hair! I thought I would begin the year with some well-needed and appropriate change. As I am getting older, the more I am becoming a bigger believer in not putting as much pressure on new years to suddenly become a new you but at the same time is it a great opportunity to reflect and (hopefully) recharge for the year ahead. This time always seems to be around November as it always feels like basically the end of the year because December always flys by and so this past November, I did the big chop.

I have had my new hair for a good six weeks now and I can safely say I love it. It may seem like a sudden change to some but I have been wanting to chop my hair for quite possibly a good year - and I finally did it!

I went through a lot of back and forths between being inspired to cut my hair then to loving styling my long hair and then back to hating it and wanting to cut it. I have experienced enough traumatising hair regrets in my life so I wanted to be really sure that I wouldn't miss being able to put my hair in a high pony tail (it's always the little things).

It has been the refresh I really really needed and it does feel strange to feel so overwhelmingly positive about it with absolutely no cons. I don't look at older photos of me with long hair and wish I still had it, which makes me feel all the better for taking the time with the decision and not really at all attached to my length. It has certainly been freeing and I suspect I'll be sticking with short hair for a while.



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