Hello tie-dye! I thought my tie-dye phase was well and truly over by the time I was 14 but alas I find myself here again totally drawn to it. Tie-dye has always been a very cool element of street style and whilst my street / grunge-y days are well behind me the new tie-dye pieces popping up has been drawing my eyes in.

I totally fell in love with the colours and shape of this Atout sweater and felt like I could incorporate it into my more 'grown-up' style. I think the trick is to stick to a two-colourway patterning and/or something more muted on the purples/greys/blacks in the Atout style. I love the exaggerated sleeves, especially balanced with something high waisted, creates this beautiful silhouette. The top is actually two sizes too big but I actually always prefer a looser fit on top to pair with something more fitted on the bottom. Tailored trousers was the perfect way to balance the top out, not only shape wise, but for a more sophisticated look.

To elevate the look even more I added dress-y accessories. My trusty strappy black heels from Mode Collective and croc effect Oroton bag did the perfect job of balancing the casualness of the sweater even more. The gold metal strap was the perfect amount of detailing to add to the look. For a more day-to-day outfit, I would also pair this outfit with white sneakers which I think is still a chic way to wear tie-dye more casually and comfortably.


#tiedye #style #ootd

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