Nearing the end of the year has had me reflecting on the year and spaces that I create content. While I still love creating blog posts, it just hasn't been the space that I have reached much for over the past year. After starting my first job in November last year, I found it extremely hard to juggle a fulltime role and creating content on here and my Instagram. And for the first few months and with it being my first job, I felt all my energy was going towards it and I felt too deflated creatively to create content.

After I found my feet a bit more at work, I decided to compromise and put all my efforts into either my blog or my Instagram as I was not doing either very well. I had a huge wave of inspiration when the autumn/winter months came but after I decided I was going to work more on creating content for my Instagram. I have always prioritised my blog content and let that be the source for my social media channels. Of course, I had always created some form of original content for my Instagram but it had never been as highly produced as my blog content. In hindsight, it has definitely been a challenge as curating content for Instagram is different to a blog where content consumption is much faster and content has to be more stylistically varied both aesthetically and subject wise. It is no easy feat to create a cohesive feed and I am no where near up there but I definitely made strides. You can easily see why being an influencer is actually whole job, as planning an aesthetic feed takes planning and creative genius. It's this careful balance of colours, subject matter, backgrounds, framing and the list goes on. It was definitely challenging for me to create different shots and framing as well as incorporating beauty and lifestyle more seamlessly. Although, I am no where near the high standard of many other creators but I feel I have definitely made strides and am proud at how my content has evolved in the last few months.

And while I have been loving creating in the Instagram space, it has me re-evaluating my blog content. I love doing highly produced blog posts (and will continue to do so), but in order to restore a bit more balance between the two platforms I want to put more bite-sized content here that overlaps with Instagram. I hope you enjoy this little story of one past Sunday at the gallery and bear with me finding my work/life balance.

Arthur Apparel dress

Reebok sneakers (old)

Oroton bag (old)

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