There have been a tonne amazing affordable beauty and skincare products come out this year that I have been using and loving over the last few months. There has also been a huge variety from limited collections, foundations and just even whole brands that it can be overwhelming to navigate. I wanted to put together a little edit of products that have been little treasures, some brand new releases and some I'm already onto my second. I hope I can make this a more regular thing on the blog, as I am really having a moment with drugstore beauty!


I received this collection in the mail last week and I can safely say it is a stunning collection. There are quite a range of products they brought out, so there is definitely something for everyone. But if you're struggling to decide what's worth picking up here are my two cents.

The eyeshadow palette is by far my favourite. The packaging is slick, minimal and chic and the colour story is just glorious. The shade colours are unique and has me very inspired to create some different looks. My favourites are the shade in the middle with the embossing which is a stunning cool toned rose gold and the silver shade to the left of it which is more of a chunky wet-looking glitter topper. Also, what I love about this palette is that it's the perfect size, not too big and not too little, so you don't get too overwhelmed. It's also very versatile and you can easily get away with only using one or two shades to complete a look.

Another product, I think is worth picking up from the collection is the liquid liner in 12 Chic Rose Silver. As the name describes it, the shade is this beautiful silvery rosey shade that would be very hard to find anywhere else. It's surprisingly really subtle worn as just a winged line and mascara, so I'll definitely getting my wear out of it, instead of it being one of those only-fancy-nights type of product.


Holy moley are these Burt's Bees lipsticks so good. They are the perfect balance of high pigmentation and soft satin finish, that also wear beautifully throughout the day. My favorite shades are 500 Nile Nude and 502 Suede Splash. They are both lovely everyday nudes that I switch between and often mix, perfect for the that effortless look. I cannot rave enough about these and how good value they are.


Another recent fab lipstick release has been Bourjois' Rouge Velvet lipsticks. I particularly the orangey-red shade 21 Grande Roux which is perfect coming into the spring summer months ahead. The formula is soft and velvety (as the name would suggest) which is comfortable on the lips. I also like that this formula is very buildable because I often like to wear brighter colours as a stain to acheive that statement lips without the maintenance throughout the day.


I have been using the Revlon Candid foundation for weeks and weeks every single day. I wanted to give this foundation a go for ages and ages but I stupidly bought a really dark shade at first. When I finally picked up a lighter shade to mix it with, I could really give it a run for it's money. My slew of everyday foundations all have very dewy, glowy finishes, and the few more matte foundations I do own, are high coverage for those all-night occasions. So this foundation filled a hole which I never knew I needed as it has skin-like semi matte finish and light to medium coverage. It wears beautifully on the skin and it an amazing affordable product if you're on the hunt for a new foundation that won't break the bank.


Another base product I have loved over the past few months has been the L'OREAL Infallible Concealer. I haven't been using it like a typical concealer through but rather as a foundation. I limit it to the areas that I need the most evening out, such as around the nose, under the eyes, chin and forehead. It's a good alternative way to get more use out of your concealers but without looking overly made up or caked on. Like the Revlon Candid foundation it has a slightly more matte/satin finish which I have been more into these days and also lasts well on the skin throughout the day.


I couldn't put together a drugstore beauty edit without some skincare, and especially a sunscreen. It is so important to wear sunscreen everyday even if it's cloudy and raining. I have been loving and using this AVÈNE one for the last few months as it doesn't feel sticky or thick or like typical sunscreens. It mixes really well with my moisturiser and settles into the skin very quickly. I can go pretty much straight away with my foundation as no one has time in the morning to be waiting around for their sunscreen to dry down! It is definitely not the most affordable at the drugstore but the small bottle lasts a long time and little of the product goes a long way making it worth the money.


I made a major discovery with Korean beauty this year and one of the brands that has stood out for me is Innisfree. There was been a tonne of stores opening across Sydney this year so the brand so I have taken full advantage. While I also love their skincare and other make up products, the eyeshadows and complexion colour products have impressed me the most. There is such a wide selection of colours, finishes as well the option to customise your own palette without breaking the bank. The pans are really easy to put in and out all any of the packaging making is really easy to customise for everytime you travel or pick up something new. I've been super boring, but also taken advantage of the opportunity to select the best basic colours, so when I travel I'm not taking any excess. My favourite eyeshadow has been #20 Matte which is a beautiful deep warm brown and the contour in #2.


The Ordinary (as well as all the brands under The Abnormal Beauty Company) has become one of my favourites over the last year. Really fuss free, simple and most importantly, affordable brands out there. The brand can be a little overwhelming even as a long time lover, as there are many products, some variants of others, with no strict instructions so that it is more customisable for everyone. So if you're struggling to what to start with from the brand, I wanted to share my three favourties with you that I would also repurchase again and again.

On my Instagram, I have mentioned many times and won't bang on too much, the Serum foundation and how amazing the formula and finish is. It has a very watery texture and a little goes a really long way. It has a beautiful glowy finish that lasts all day and is under $13 AUD. I still can't get over the value.

My other two favourites are skincare products, the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA and Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%. The first is just a really simple moisturiser, that has the same reasons as why I love Glossier primer moisturiser. It's just white in colour, no fragrance, the perfect consistency for day and night use - there's nothing really to it and that's what I love. It's only downside is that it is quite small and I went through my first bottle relatively quickly, but it is still very affordable. In saying that though, it would be a really great product to travel with, not too big or little and in a squeezy tube. The second definitely won't be for everyone, but if you wanted to try a vitamin C product then this is an inexpensive choice to test. Like the bottle states, it is a suspension so it does feel gritty on the skin, sort of like an exfoliant, and the first couple of weeks it did tingle on the skin. I like to mix it in with my moisturiser as night so it does feel less intense and I have noticed a big different in the smoothness and firmness of my skin.

That's a wrap on my recent affordable beauty favs that I think are definitely worth picking up if you're on the hunt. Hope you guys liked this and let me know your favs too xx

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