I have just been really enjoying the versatility of tailored pieces this year and I've been finding the styling options endless, so I thought I would share some of the things to keep an eye on when on the hunt.


Fabrication is absolute key and it is the first thing I look at when I come to shopping for tailored pieces. My advice is to move along if there is a significant percentage of synthetic fibres such as polyester or triacetate. I always find myself sweating in those fabrics, and they just don't stand the test of time so you'll definitely not be getting your money's worth. By opting for natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen or viscose, or any combination of the lot, your piece will last over the years. Not only are you helping out the environment, but they are also much more breathable and comfortable. I do let a small amount of polyester (less than 10%) slide though as it often helps with the handfeel of wool blazers and trousers.

I have actually found it particularly difficult though to find tailored trousers that are not majority, if not all polyester and triacetate in the mid price range. I am still very much on the hunt to discover more brands, but I did manage to find these COS wool trousers, which have a really nice straight, slightly oversized, very masculine feel to them.


Silhouette is another important aspect that either instantly draws me in when it comes to tailored pieces. It's something that I have had a lot of fun playing around with and can add to the versatility in your wardrobe. I am personally such a sucker for the long lined, oversized, boyfriend style blazer. This Everlane blazer has been ticking all the boxes and has to be the best purchase I have made this year. It's the perfect amount of oversized, without overwhelming for my petite size and has been so easy to throw onto any outfit. I equally love a slim lined blazer too for those outfits that you need more shape and femininity.


Another significant factor that makes makes or breaks tailored pieces for me, is the attention to detail. Most fast-fashion or cheap retailers skimp out on the finer details that can really add finesse and class to your tailored pieces. For example, this blazer has working button holes, functional side pockets, breast and inside pockets. Even with expensive labels, it's been difficult to find all these details, but it's certainly something to keep your eyes peeled for because once you find it, it's a certain gem.


If there is any time to explore colour or just something a little off the basic black blazer and trousers, it is now. There is a plethora of colours, patterns and checks to choose from when it comes to more tailored pieces. I have this amazing linen pink check suit from Massmo Dutti, which I managed to snag in the sale - and even though it's wild, and not your everyday piece, I know I'm going to love it in the years to come. I don't mean you have to go full blown matching suit, but it's a great way to incorporate a little-more-than basic pieces in you wardrobe. I love a brown or grey check blazer to add a little variety.

Those are my top tips when it comes to shopping for tailored pieces. Happy shopping!

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