Whether it's to maximise those sleep-ins (or maybe you missed that alarm), an impromptu night out or the best products for travel, I've got you covered for all the best make up and beauty bits to keep that routine down to five minutes.

As much as I love beauty, playing around with makeup and different looks as well as testing out new skincare, I am all about that quick routine, especially in the morning. I am a big believer in still getting put together looks even if you have only 5-10 minutes in your day, so I wanted to share some of my favourite 5 minute beauty products and how you can utilise them to save you time.

Skincare is your number one friend when it comes to the best application of make up as well as the longevity of your make up throughout the day. It's really important to dedicate some time to this part of your morning routine as you can probably minimise the amount of products overall by choosing the right skincare for your skin and look.

One product to never ever skip for the day, even in the winter months, is your suncreen SPF. Simply put, by applying sunscreen everyday, you will most certainly get 10x better results than any anti-ageing product. Some of my favourites are the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen, La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL SPF 50 Melt-In Cream (which truly does melt into the skin beautifully) and the AVÈNE Sunscreen Emulsion Face SPF50+. Now, you're probably thinking, why not get a moisturiser or foundation that already has SPF in it. Of course you can, but I generally find combined SPF products never have a very high SPF or if they do, I haven't ended up loving the product. Also, those instances where you don't want SPF, at night or while taking flash photography. By having separate products, it gives one the customisabilty and maximise the use out of your products.

My current favourite moisturiser is the new Clinique iD, where you can actually customise your base and cartridge to suit your skin's needs. I have the dramatically different base and the energising cartridge, which has been the perfect consistency and gives my skin the pick up it needs. If ever, I am feeling extra dry or dehydrated, I love using the Aesop Madarin facial cream, which is very thick and creamy. Another, amazing product for the ultimate flow, is the Kiehl's Glow Formula Glow Hydrator. I'm pretty sure thename explains it all and mixing it with my SPF has been the perfect prep for my base.

TIME SAVING TRICK: Mix your moisturiser and SPF for a one-go application instead of two step. Just make sure not to reduce the amounts of each significantly as you still want your skin to be moisturised and protected all the same.


Foundation and base products are my total weakness and are my favourite type of product to test drive and explore. Foundations are very specific to any individual depending on your skin type and desired finish so I wanted to talk about a few options to cover a few more area.

Generally, when it comes to saving time in the morning, you want something that is quick and easy to dispense and apply with your hands or a brush. One of my long time favourites and a cult classic to many is Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani. Easy to apply from the pump, thin in consistency with a light to medium natural finish with 10/10 staying power and leaves the skin still looking like skin.

A more recent discovery is the new foundation from Guerlain, L'Essential Natural Glow foundation. This foundation is absolutely beautiful and glowy on the skin! A little more thick in consistency and a little goes a long way. Again, it's easy to dispense from the pump and blend in and build. MAC Face & Body is more like the little sister the the Guerlain, with a similar finish but much more lightweight and buildable. Perfect for those really good skin days or for something more light and natural.

The ultimate time saver is the Flesh Beauty Thickstick foundation. If you're looking for something speedy then this is definitely your guy. I love using this on one weekends to literally whip on in about 20 seconds. It's so quick to swipe on and blend out.


My best beauty hack is to use the same product on multiple areas on your face. This not only cuts down time and products but makes the most out of the products you already own. For instance, whatever bronzer I'm using on my face, I use on my eyes as well and it just beautifully ties the whole look together. I've recently been obsessed with the Healthy Glow Powder by Givenchy. It has one of those unique gel-powder type formulas where the powder almost feels creamy and buttery. I love this kind of formula, also very similar to the Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, because the low pigmentation means it's so much easier to control. It means you don't have to be careful or precious about how much you swish your brush in the compact and you won't ever end up with a brown blob on your face that you have to later fix.

TIME SAVING HACK: You don't always have to use your products in the traditional way. Use you're bronzer as eyeshadow or your lippy as blush for a simple and cohesive look. I also love to use highlighters as eyeshadow on it's own or as a topper.


If you prefer fancier footwork on the eyes than a simple wash of bronzer, there are plenty of shades that can give the impression that you spend a few hours blending even though it's just the one colour. Opt for shades with that extra dimension, and I don't mean go full glitter, but often shades with unique shifts or just a unique sheen can look like you put in a lot of hard work. My favourite is MAC's satin eyeshadow in Club, a classic neutral brown with a purple/green shift. It's actually really subtle and put together on the eyes.


There's nothing worse than having to apply layer after layer mascara to have to not build up or just to clump up. I believe the class fat bristle brush is the best way to get fluttery lashes in a matter of only a couple coats. I have been looking the L'OREAL Paradise Waterproof mascara as it is so easy to apply and builds a really full and fluttery lash that stays all day. Another firm staple in my collection, has been Lancome's Monsieur Big, which has a very similar shaped wand and hence builds major volume and lengthens in only a couple of swipes.

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