I hope everyone has been having a lovely week! Work has been totally crazy and I'm very much looking forward to the Easter long weekend.

I just wanted to come out here to share these film photos which I absolutely love and featuring a few new things in my wardrobe from the past couple of months. First up, are these epic peg leg trousers from Dion Lee. I snagged these in the sale and I am so so chuffed with them. I have been on the hunt for more & more trousers this year as I am have been finding the styling options endless and really fun. Plus, you definitely can't go wrong with a black pair of trousers. I particuarly love the military-esque vibe they give especially paired with my new Carmina balmoral lace up boots. Everyone and every brand has been loving the straight leg fit - and don't get me wrong, that's my go-to shape - but I love that these are more of a peg leg shape, with a super high waist and contrasting panels. It's one of those pieces, that instantly lift your mood and feel good in for me. They also look equally amazing with heels for an evening outfit too. In fact, the boots could easily be swapped out for some strappy heels and voile you've got yourself a hot evening look.

I love how this top from Lali top (a great small ethical brand) hits the top of the trousers perfectly, and balances the very masculine bottom half I have going on here.

Speaking of more 'forever' pieces, let's talk about the latest addition to my boot collection. Jordan has been banging on about Goodyear welted constructed shoes for the past three or four years, where if you take good care of them, should essentially last you life time. His quality-over-quantity attitude and minimal wardrobe has definitely added to my growing interest of sustainable fashion over the last year and has also inspired me to make more thoughtful purchases. He actually purchased these same boots about a year ago and have served him very well for work and even for casual wear. I am still very much at the 'wearing-in' stage with these boots but I am excited to push past and start wearing these on the regular.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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