To put some of my 2019 goals into action and bring you some more #shopconscious content, I wanted to chat about why it's okay to wear your old clothes - and more to the point, why you should wear your old clothes.

I also mentioned in my 2019 goals, that since starting full-time work, I have just felt my wardrobe is hugely dysfunctional and missing so many essential gaps. So, I am in the process of re-jigging things around, i.e. getting rid of a tonne of stuff that I don't need and what doesn't work for me anymore and also purchasing items that are slowly filling in the gaping holes. I have been purchasing a lot of pieces lately, but they have all been well thought out buys and really basic, well-fitting pieces.

However, I didn't want come here to write about all the new things I've been adding - that will be for another time. In the midst of the chaos that is my wardrobe at the moment and feeling like I have nothing to wear, I have rediscovered some amazing pieces that I already own.


I've rediscovered pieces that I still absolutely love and have stood the test of time. One prime example, is this very old Bassike crop top. Bassike has always been a premium Aussie brand in my eyes and when I bought this about 5 years ago on sale, it was still a lot of money for me to spend on a less practical item. Even though this top is super cropped and distressed, I have always comes back to it time and time again. I think because firstly, the choice of fabrication and construction is such high quality (a beautiful hammered viscose and contrast cotton hem), means it has aged incredibly well and hasn't lost it's shape or original finesse. The fit and drape, is so flattering on me and is such a unique piece that I have never really come across again. It has also turned out to be more versatile than you might think. Not only, does it look great with high waisted trousers, skirts and jeans but it is a wonderful layering piece over slip dresses and dainty tops for an entirely different look.


And, these trousers have most certainly been a win. They are not technically that old to me, but they are vintage 1970s wool check trousers which I picked up in London last year in July - they have been one of my very best vintage purchases to date. Although, I love vintage shopping and thrifting, it can often be a lot of hard work and searching to end up nothing, but these pants really prove how worthwhile vintage shopping can be. It has also shown me that my wardrobe is majorly lacking in the trouser department, and is an area worth investing more time and money on.

This outfit is also another example of how quality of fabrication and construction are important factors to consider regarding the longevity of your pieces. I understand there are those rare occasions where you really want to try out a trend and it is not worth the investment, but in general I am totally over the buy, wear-once (or twice) and throw away mentality. I don't know how many crappy polyester Zara pieces I have gone through, that don't breath and never last more than a couple of seasons. Natural fibres, such as viscose and wool, last and in the long run will have a low cost per wear and hence are worth investing a little more money in.


I guess it's kind of obvious but since I have been feeling so negative towards my clothes in general, there is a lot of relief in finding renewed joy in pieces I already own. I am trying to be more conscious about how much I consume and the instant gratification that comes with constantly buying new things. I want to consistently work towards loving and appreciating what I have.

I hope this inspires to dig deep into the depths of your closet and rediscover some hidden gems!

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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