I went on a little unexpected blog hiatus, mostly due the busy-ness of the Christmas period but I also wanted to make sure to make the most of the time I have off work to unwind and spend time with family and friends.

With the new year drawing in soon, I feel it's only natural to do a bit of reflecting on the past year. I honestly can't complain, - other than it's another year gone by faster than the last - but it truly has been a great year and one of huge change and transition. I finished my Honours year and graduated, got a full time job and still loving blogging as much as ever. Speaking of blogging and fashion, I feel you can look at all my posts from the past year and see quite a change in my content and style. I feel my personal style has changed a lot over 2018, and I am mostly proud of my #shopconscious content. I've also uncovered a few more style lessons so I felt compelled to chat about it on the blog today as my last post of the year.

Theory blazer (old) / Reformation slip dress (old) / Tony Bianco boots (old)

Sophie Hulme bolt bag / Celine Baby Audrey sunglasses


I honestly don't know where I have been but for some reason I never saw the gaping hole that was to be filled by all this beige this year. It's a neutral colour I never considered before, but it is arguably more versatile and easier to style than black. While, black is great and will never leave my wardrobe, there is a time and place for it and doesn't always suit all seasons and occasions. For instance, in the summertime and this heatwave. It's such an easy colour to style and put together because you can totally wear different shades of beige, creams and natural colours all together. I also find it so much easier to style with darker colours, like black, because the contrast is not so stark like white.


As I've begun to become more interested in sustainability and consumerism in the fashion industry and created more content around it, I've noticed this battle to constantly have new things but also wearing the pieces you already own. While, Instagram and social media has made it so easy and accessible to keep up to date with the latest and greatest, I have been finding it so easy to get sucked into constantly wanting new clothing. I, of course, shop a lot but I'm trying to alter my mentality and be conscious about wearing the pieces that I already own. Especially, as I am putting more and more thought behind each purchase I make, depending on the item, the cost, the brand and if it's sustainable. After all that effort and hard earned money you spent, why wouldn't it be okay to wear your old clothes? So, on that note, I'm wearing nothing new in the post!


I'm pretty sure this one, applies to me and many others as blazers have been so hot over the last couple of seasons. I have built my collection probably about 3x over what I already had and I honestly have no regrets. I just find they are a great styling tool in your wardrobe and can be easily dressed up or down, and to all kinds of occasions.


I have made some of the best vintage and thrifted purchases this year and I will be definitely continuing to buy more vintage pieces in 2019. I have always loved vintage shopping and I was constantly at op shops and vintage stores when I was about 16 and 17 - but I seemed to have lost a lot of the spark over the past couple of years being overloaded by brands on social media. More and more shops are making it easier for us by sourcing quality pieces, repairing and cleaning and curating small selections.


I am constantly falling into the trap of buying 'interesting' pieces with prints, embellishments or distressing and then when I find I'm trying to put together outfits, there are not basic pieces that can balance a look out. Since, starting fulltime work, I've noticed it's something I really need to work on in my wardrobe and that buying 'plain' and 'boring' pieces is not plain and boring!

Happy New Year and wishing you all the best for 2019!

Love, Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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