Happy long weekend everyone! I hope it's a splendid one, whatever you get up to. While I'm at home sick (again, I know) I thought I'd share an outfit from last weekend. Even though it's well into the spring season already, I haven't been able to help cashing in on those mid-season sales and snagging some goodies from the past winter season. But these purchases haven't been completely unwarranted, since Sydney's weather has truly been all over the place, I've actually been able to wear in my new pieces.

Jordan and I decided to make a little weekend getaway to Bowral and Canberra last weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to wear my new puffer jacket before the weather starts heating up. A puffer jacket is all kinds of comfortable and practical but this one in particular checked all the boxes for me. The ivory colour instantly takes the jacket from 'hike' to chic and it totally inspired me to put together this winter white look. By the end of winter, I think we all find ourselves uninspired by our winter wardrobes and revert to wearing black and other dark hues. Remember, if you are feeling this way, injecting lighter hues will instantly elevate your winter outfits. That's why I think I love this particular outfit so much, I felt so confident and fresh in it. Even simply, adding one white piece, like pants or turtleneck, will do the trick and hopefully will provide that much needed inspiration on those colder days during the beginning of spring.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

Country Road puffer | Arket pants - similar | The Fifth tshirt (old) | Oroton bag (old) | Seed boots (old) - similar

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