After a week of a staying at home sick with a horrendous cough (and possible chest infection) I finally made it out of the house yesterday rocking this very 70's inspired look. It seems I have been unknowingly collecting more and more pieces that are reminiscent of the 70's - and I'm not mad about it. I've been slowly dipping my toes in the trend with a few pieces here and there but it wasn't until my most recent trip to London that I went a ham and collected so many items that you would think I was trying to time travel back.

I picked up some cord pants, a brown tee and these vintage 70's trousers in Shoreditch. There's honestly nothing more gratifying than finding vintage pieces! Albeit being a bit long with flat shoes (I don't mind the oversized look though), they fit so snug and high up around the waist. I struggle to find trousers that fit in general so the fact that these were vintage was even more of a score. I also recently picked up this oversized shirt from Arket, that's what I like to call 'school-uniform-blue', and these new gold jewels from The Peach Box, that are making great staples so far. But this look was not complete without these uber cool Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I never ever thought I would be into yellow sheer shades like these, but I happened to try these on and I could not stop thinking about them for weeks so I finally bit the bullet and bought them! Don't get me wrong, I love my basic sunglasses because you can't go wrong and they go with everything, but there was something about these statement ones I couldn't shake. I think these hit the sweet spot, as they aren't too OTT with embellishments (although I am still lusting over these Off White ones) with a classic-with-a-twist aviator shape and the right amount of oversized-ness that makes it styling relatively easy. They also just feel so damn good, especially when I'm wearing a really basic outfit.

So, expect to be seeing these loads on my Instagram for the next few weeks! In fact, my winter wardrobe palette has really transformed and I've been wearing a lot browns and muted natural tones, as well as pinks, oranges and blues. It's actually really refreshing to feel so inspired by my wardrobe at the moment, so check in with the 'gram to stay the most up to date with my OOTD's and all that good stuff.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

Ray-Ban sunglasses | The Peach Box earrings & necklace | Arket shirt | Vintage pants | Oroton bag (old) | Windsor Smith slides (old)

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