Sustainability and transparency within the fashion industry has becoming increasingly a hot topic nowadays I've found myself becoming more conscious about where and how I shop. It has been really refreshing to see more and more brands making more sustainability initiatives especially since I feel consumers do care how their clothes are made, where they are coming from and who makes them. And if you aren't thinking about those three things when you shop, then maybe its about time you did.

Of course, great strides have been made my larger brands such as H&M with their Conscious range but I thought I would share some five smaller labels that are paving the way for the new era of fashion where sustainability is at the forefront. Shopping more consciously and ethically is one of the most important things to do when it comes to your wardrobe this year.

Country Road blazer (similar) | Calvin Klein bra | Pfeiffer shorts


This label has become my newest favourite and I cannot wait to own a piece from their beautiful collection. Arnsdorf has an impeccable selection of tailored pieces and elevated basics. Sustainability and transparency is at the forefront of the brand and when purchasing any piece from them you know exactly who and how the garment was made. Their focus is also about slowing fashion down and high craftsmanship resulting in beautifully constructed garments made out of high quality materials and fabrics.


Reformation is a brand we all know and love and probably one of the first brands we think of when it comes to sustainability - so an obvious one but a real goodie. They too have a focus on transparency of their production process and place high value on educating customers on who makes their garments. Moreover, they also place significant importance on reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact and they often include details about why they chose certain fabrics and reducing the amount of water it takes to make jeans.


Only a few years old, Everlane is a online brand that from the very beginning chose to support ethical fashion. Like, Arnsdorf, they are not huge on trends and focus on making clothes last. They are also hugely transparent about their factories, with their site providing access to information about all their factories at which they manufacture their garments. Everlane also hugely believe that customers have a right to know how much their clothes cost to make and they take the initiative to breakdown the costs from materials to labour to transportation. By revealing this, you can see there isn't any price mark up. Rather than going on sale, Everlane provides the option to 'Choose What You Pay' where they have sometimes overproduced a style and need stock to move so that they can develop new products.

Kacey Devlin

Made in Australia with all materials sources locally, Kacey Devlin is an Aussie brand you need to check out. Not only are the designs visionary and versatile yet wearable the emerging Aussie designer combines quality construction with sustainably sourced fabrics and materials. I own one of the classic collapse back tees in black and it is this beautiful soft and weighty bamboo cotton that I know I'm going to continue to wear for years.


The newest brand on my radar and part of the H&M group, Arket has drawn my attention by the primary consideration of sustainability. Again, their garments tend to be elevated basics, not trend lead, that results in a production flow that isn't dependent on seasons and ensures that customers get the most out of their products. I was lucky enough to grab a couple of pieces when I was in London and not only was the store beautiful but I snagged a couple of pieces that I'm obsessed with. And it gets better! Arket also do a range of homewares, from bath and body products to kitcheware and even cleaning products.

I hope this inspires you to shop more consciously and also think about where your clothes are coming from. I loved writing this blog post so I think you can expect a few more posts that will be more sustainability focused.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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