Any kind of holiday requires only essential and completely travel beauty and skincare products. No one wants to be bringing full-sized bottles of products or a huge eyeshadow palette. It's all about maximizing efficiency, use of your products and luggage space. Since, I'm heading to Europe very soon, I thought I would share the best of the best beauty and skincare products I'll be taking with me. I used to love bringing with everything I could possibly need, but I found myself just sticking to my guns and reaching for a select few products I loved and trusted. I just found myself way less adventurous than I an anticipated! I have also learnt that there is grace in being minimal and have since learnt that you can achieve many looks if you pick your products well.

I've pulled some of my best travel-friendly beauty and skincare products together all with a variety of travel perks that will hopefully inspire you to rejig your travel beauty and skincare.

For number one, this product has been the biggest game changer in terms of travel-friendly beauty. I was dying to try this Charlotte Tilbury palette and was actually planning to pick it up in London but I was lucky enough to grab it a couple of months ago. I took it with on a short trip to Melbourne last month and was shocked as to how much this reduced the size of my makeup bag - to the point where I was really paranoid I was forgetting things!

I opted for the Beauty Glow shade as all the shades are natural and bronzey. Speaking on bronze though, I have to mention that the only downside of this palette is the bronzer. Although, it is a lovely texture and goes onto the skin very smoothly, it is much paler than I thought. I have a medium-to-light skin tone and was really surprised to find that the shade is far too light. And because it is such a natural formula, you aren't able to build it up very much. With that being said though, this would actually be great if you're fair or if you're a bit apprehensive when it comes to bronzer because you can't really overdo it with this one.

With the bronzer aside, I really love all the other shades in the palette! It's just a one-stop shop for a pretty much a full face and so handy for travelling or everyday use. I especially love the eyeshadow 2 shade, as it is this beautiful subtle shimmer which I love to wear on more natural makeup days. Eyeshadow 1 is a lovely highlighting shade which is perfect for popping in the centre of the eyelid or the inner corner and #3 is super pigmented (which is why it looks like I've barely touched it) and is a great warm brown shade for building up a look.

By far my favourites in the palette have to be the blush shades and highlighter. I don't have anything like the bright pink in my collection and it adds such a nice pop of colour into the face. But for a more muted look, the darker blush shades just turns the pink down the perfect amount. I also love to use these shades on the eyes too - so it is such a versatile product! The highlighter is not one of those super intense ones, which I actually prefer, and it gives that lit-from-within look which I don't feel many powders can do as well as cream highlighters.

Next up, I have a couple of moisturising overnight masks to mention. Overnight masks were a major beauty discovery for me last year and I cannot get enough of them!

Again, they are just so handy for travel and very versatile. I love to use these on long haul flights, where my skin feels so tight and dehydrated. They provide much needed moisture for an extended period of time and you don't need to bother with taking them off.

I've been using the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask and Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque a lot recently since the weather has been cooler. I will definitely be bringing one with me while I'm travel! They are both reasonable small (not the smallest but I think completely acceptable to travel with) and just handy to have. So, I've been using them the normal method, where if I feel my skin needs more hydration I pop it on after I moisturise at night before bed. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated in the morning.

But what I've also been doing is mixing it half and half with my moisturiser every couple of days where I don't feel like I need to do the a whole mask but I still want that added hydration. Super convenient and handy - what more could you ask for.

Let's talk eyeshadows! The eyeshadow department is where I find I most easily over compensate while I'm travelling, so, unless you're just a one-eyeshadow user, a small eyeshadow palette is the way to go. My recent obsession is this Dior palette which I have been using almost everyday! This one was a limited edition Christmas palette which I got around November last year, but Dior has some equally winning colour combinations in their permanent collection. I am definitely thinking of picking up another Dior eyeshadow palette because the quality of these foreshadows is phenomenal.

Of course, don't feel like you need to go out and buy a Dior (or high-end) palette like this one, I have just been using this one a lot more than any other palette I have and is very travel-friendly in terms of size and shade selection. I love using the brown shade all over the lid with bronzer for an everyday look and then you also have the option to spice up the look with red and pink tones. I'm really digging these tones lately, so I think it's the perfect palette to bring away.

I wanted to give another mask a mention, in case overnight masks are not your thing. This Kiehl's Brightening Mask has become my favourite this year! This mask strikes the perfect balance between a clay mask and a hydrating mask. I don't tend to use clay masks all too often because they are so drying and can leave the skin feeling very tight. This Kiehl's mask cleanses and firms the skin without drying it out so much. I also find it to be super easy to use. You don't need too much making it really quick to apply. Additionally, it's also easy to spread around the face and it dries relatively quickly. I got this cute little pot from the Advent calendar so it's literally perfect for travelling!

I couldn't go without including a bit of liner in my travel beauty list. I love this Rimmel one in particular because of the wind-up mechanism. What makes this product so great for travelling is no sharpner is required! The nib is the perfect width and so it maintains its precision and just requires twisting up. I love to use this product in combination with the Dior palette to line along my lash liner in a wing shape and smudge it out with a brush for a soft cat eye effect. The formulation is really great too, really easy to blend and lasts all day!

Next up is one of my favourite moisturisers. I won't dwell on this one for too long because honestly there isn't much to say! I love the Glossier Priming Moisturiser as it is such a simple product. It really reminds me of the simple moisturisers I used as a kid, with not really any smells or anything super special. The priming moisturiser just does the job for day and night and this size is also perfect for travelling.

You can't go on a holiday without SPF! I picked up this Mecca Cosmetica SPF face cream for my trip to South Africa and Mauritius because I had heard really great reviews. Mecca also conveniently have this product in two different sizes, so you don't have to worry about taking a giant tube with you. I really love this SPF as it doesn't leave the face sticky or feeling weighed down because you even put any make up on. It also has a slight tint to it, so you won't end up with a white filmy face after applying. It also did a fantastic job at keeping the rays off my face as it is SPF 50+. I would highly recommend this one for your next summer holiday trip!

Last but not least my last travel recommendation is this Salt by Hendrix Lip Buff in Rose. I have been wanting to get my hands on a lip scrub for a while now to get rid of those unwanted dry bits on your lips that cling to every product.

The little pot, again is very handy for travelling, and the product smells delicious. It also smooths the lips really quickly and doesn't leave any thick or oily residue after washing it off.

That concludes my travel-friendly product list! I hope this gave you a few ideas for your next trip.

Leanne xx

Photography by yours truly.

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