Apologies for my long month absence! I was completing my Honours thesis and needless it to say it was a hectic month. I missed blogging so much and I'm back buzzing with lots of new ideas to share with you all. I started writing this post just over a month ago because body confidence and the role of social media has been on my mind for a lot of this year and it's something that really effects everyone, even if its only once in a while.

I would say I've learnt to build quite a strong sense of self and was lucky to grow out of my insecurities quite quickly during high school. It was very much about changing the way you self talk and also giving up on what other people think. Although recently, I have been catching myself comparing me and my life to these seemingly perfect Instagram girls and ideals - which makes total sense seeing as much of the day I spend scrolling through Instagram. I didn't really even realise until, I saw a post from The Link by K featuring this beautiful woman who wasn't you're typical skinny blonde on the beach and it was so bloody refreshing. I know how much social media can augment reality and it wasn't until I saw some diversity on my feed that I consciously registered how much I was getting caught up.

I wanted to shed some light on some incredible women and brands that are paving the way and breaking those beauty ideals because even the best of us can get swept up and think we undervalued because we aren't slim and perfectly proportioned - but it's not to say these women aren't beautiful (they are!), I think it's more important to show that there are many kinds of beautiful. It made me realise how much I can get inside my own head about not looking as perfect as everyone else does on Instagram. It seems so obvious now that I'm putting it into words, but at the time I really realised the things I surround myself have such an unconscious influence on me and how I dress. I am definitely making an effort to follow more diverse people on Instagram, because not only does it keep those expectations in check, but these girls are super inspiring. Their photography and fashion is so different and creative and it's always inspiring me to try new things. Some of favourite accounts are @double3xposure, @shotfromthestreet and @5inchandup.

Even amongst the sea of beautiful beach babes, I've been pleasantly surprised by a few gems by prominent labels featuring women that are much more representative of the everyday lady. One label who is constantly spreading the body positivity is Lonely Lingerie, and Everlane has also jumped on a similar bandwagon with their new underwear range. It's also nice to see one of my favourite brands, Reformation, getting on board and featuring curvier women in their beautiful summer dresses as well as coming out with a petites range.

I'm excited to see the social media landscape change to feature more diversity and actually represent the everyday women.

Country Road silk shirt (old) | The Fifth skirt | Seed boots (old) - similar here | Vintage belt - similar here

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