I am just going to preface this post with a warning that it might be a bit of a ramble-y one. There are a few topics which I hope I can somehow knit together to form an eclectic patched quilt. I got back from a very swift trip to South Africa and Mauritius (posts coming very soon) last week and it has been straight back into Honours. Needless to say it has been a bit hectic and most of my attention has been on metal complexes and synthesis routes that do not work.

But, what I have been reading and thinking a lot about it is personal style and how clothes make me feel. There's no standard formula I follow when it comes to writing blog posts, sometimes the outfit comes first, sometimes the concept comes first, something like the chicken and the egg. These photos were actually the result of Jordan and I testing out my new Canon 5D Mark IV (which is so snazzy, by the way!). It was a day that we happened to have free, and so I didn't put much thought into the content of the photos. I threw an outfit together, put up a blue sheet and set my expectations pretty low. The photos came out amazing and the fact that this had no planning got me thinking about personal style and dressing for yourself. Yes, this was just all for a blog post, but it only made me realise how important it is that you feel good in what you're wearing and there shouldn't really be anyone you should be dressing for other than yourself.


Another topic that has been on my radar, is sexiness and what it is to feel sexy as a young woman today. And, importantly, how sexiness relates and is represented by your personal style. The seed was planted by Lucy Williams and her advice on what to wear when you don't do sexy. I absolutely love her style and I am often saving many of her pictures for style inspo - and this post was no exception. I've learnt that the conventional ways of dressing sexy were never for me - and, boy, did I try. Short hemmed, figure hugging and cleavage showing pieces ever made me feel confident. The outfits in her post, only proved that you don't need to be showing much skin at all to feel sexy. It simply comes down to how certain clothes can make us feel. At the end of the day, its not a competition about who is the sexiest, who is the trendiest.

My lovely friend, Annie, both dancer and artist, recently launched her new site, The Hangman Print. Not only does she create fashion collages (which you can purchase!) but she has also introduced a blog along side her online shop. Her second post addresses how sexy isn't a one size fits all and the societal pressures of being overtly sexual. It's a lengthy post, but a definite read, as she goes into depth about sexy can be represented so many different ways, and comparing yourself to others is only detrimental. The part that resonated with me the most is, that sexiness is an attitude and not a look. The outfit I'm sharing in this post, I felt damn confident and sexy in - even though I'm wearing ill-fitting jeans and a dinosaur tee.

Another one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, Lizzy Hadfield, from Shot From The Street, also recently wrote about embracing sexiness when and whatever form it comes in. She is someone else I am constantly getting outfit inspo from, as her ways of marrying masculinity and femininity are so creative. Here, she not only shares some amazing outfits, but also addresses the comments she received on her recent content and how they appear 'sexier' than her usual. It was a refreshing response and analysis on how her style is simply reflecting the time of her life, as she is now single and living alone in a new city.

It just goes to show, it comes down to finding what you feel good in and dressing for yourself. I realised that it has only been over the last couple of years that I feel like starting to nail down my personal style. Being a blogger has had its perks in allowing me to be more adventurous in my style, as I'm so lucky to receive pieces to create content. Now, I know more than ever about what kinds of pieces I love and those not so much. Finding your personal style is definitely a journey and is constantly changing, but the first step is always to dress for yourself and what you feel good in.

So many bloggers (and find your favourites) prove that whatever it is you feel confident will shine you in the best light.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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