Green is coming back big time in my wardrobe but this time in a few different ones. I've been a big lover of the dark forest & emerald greens and I rediscover the pieces I have every couple of years like I was lost without them. It was only over last few months or so, that I discovered olive & khaki hues and realised they pretty flattering with my skin tone (who knew!).

You guys know I am an absolute sucker for a coord, especially one with pants but I especially loved this one for it's unique silhouette. It's not often you find one with a longer top and I also love how the top is slighter shinier and the pants matte. While this one also comes in navy - which I would have probably naturally gravitated towards - I thought I would branch out with the olive. The overall shape gave me relaxed vibes and I decided to opt for my favourite shoes at the moment. I'm actually really surprised at how versatile the Old Skool Vans are, and I've found myself constantly reaching for them everyday. I thought they wouldn't differ too much style-wise from my high top black Converse, but they somehow don't make my casual outfits look too casual like my Converse can. They did, however, shred my heel the first couple of times I wore them but now they are super comfortable! Overall, I felt super chic, while confortable and will definitely be outfit repeating!

This will also be my very first blog post using my new Canon 5D Mark IV! I hope you guys will be able to notice the jump in quality but definitely the biggest difference has been the usability. Jordan and myself have used the camera a few times now and it is just so much easier to get the perfect shots! (You can probably tell I'm super excited about it haha) I hope this means for bigger and better content from now on!

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

#Keepsake #ootd #coord #Vans

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