Summer dresses for all occasions

It's not often I find myself itching to do a lookbook, but when I found myself with all of these dresses, nothing else made more sense. While I'm itching for cooler weather at the moment (because 45 degrees is a little ridiculous), I've also very much been much more inspired with summerwear. I'm also trying to get challenge myself with more dresses and skirts because they one-stop-shops for summer outfits (I've learnt that when you're hot mess, the only thing you want to put on it a breezy dress).

First up is this gorgeous mustard wrap dress. I have to admit, this is probably my favourite. The soft floral pattern and flowing shape pretty much sums up the perfect summer dress.


PS The Label mustard wrap dress

Next up this quintessentially feminine piece, ideal for summer evenings. The dusky pink colour is beautiful and will compliment that summer tan - no matter how brief. The perfect colour to go for if you want a piece that will surpass the pink trend. I love pieces like these because they basically do all the work for you and all I did was pop on a berry stain and tie my hair low and there you have it.


PS The Label maxi dress

Lastly, is another wrap dress, but one more for the summer weekends, filled with brunches, walks and beach trips. I love this dress, I've worn is so much during the holiday period. Again, it's just so easy to wear and throw on especially if it's cookin' outside. I think what makes this dress so flattering, is the added peplum which matches the sleeves and drapes so beautifully. You also can't go wrong with a white dress during the summertime.


August Street wrap dress

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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