I knew pink (and red) were going to be huge this year, but what I didn't expect was how much I would be getting my hands dirty with it (or in it?). This year has been full of surprising all pink getups, from full coords and dresses (Exhibit A & Exhibit B) to something a bit more subtle, like this slogan tee.

I think the initial turn off from I get from pink is its typical feminine connotations. I always have found pink too expecting and unsophisticated (probably from wearing so much pink as a child). So when I first saw this set on online, it really didn't tickle any sort of fancy. It was only until I put it on, that I actually felt totally inspired.

Once I contrasted the beautiful floaty fabric and gold beading with some heeled black boots, I felt so confident! My general 'formula' when putting outfits together is creating that balance between masculine and feminine pieces and shapes. I would never feel like myself if I paired this with some floral heels, unless it was for a wedding or spring racing. Also, it's a really good hack if you want to get more out of your wardrobe and integrate more dressy pieces into your daily outfits. To roughen the look up a bit more, I wore my mixed metal accessories and styled my hair in a more undone style.

I absolutely love how the images came out for the post, so I hope you guys enjoy!

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

Keepsake top

Keepsake skirt

& Other Stories earrings // ASOS alternative

Seed boots (old) // ASOS alternative

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