While animal print is arguably a classic and never truly goes out of style, I have never found a way or the confidence to incorporate it into my style. In the past, it always seemed too loud and difficult to justify spending money on a piece that will probably only be worn once. What makes animal print different this year is that more brands are coming out with refreshing and luxe pieces and fashion 'it' girls are up-ing their styling game with more creativity.

One of those brands is I.AM.GIA, who have introduced a plethora of statement pieces that no longer feel old school or outdated. I love featuring their pieces on here because they really push me out of my comfort zone and they offer up some pretty valuable styling lessons. So, how do you make animal print feel fresh and modern again? Firstly, opt for something different to leopard print and make it the focal point of your outfit, instead of just an accent piece. Depending on the piece and if you've got the confidence to go bold, you can even mix it with other bold prints or colours. I kept everything to a bare minimum with these epic snake skin pants, pairing it to with a COS knit top and black heeled boots. I love this 70s inspired knit top and how gives the outfit a polished look, but honestly a white shirt would do the same job, or a white tee for a more casual look. When choosing an animal print, choose one that resonates with you and not for the sake of being different - that way you'll still feel really confident and in you're own skin. It wasn't until I bought my Oroton bag, that I realised I was really drawn to croc/snake textured prints. Even if you feel like these snake print pants are too much (they are a lot) for you personally, the styling strategies can still be applied in the same way for more subtle pieces, like mini skirts or tops!

I.AM.GIA Shiraz pant

COS top

Celine sunglasses

Flash Jewellery earrings

Leanne x

Photography by Jordan Lee

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