A Trend Talk post has been long overdue on my blog but, never fear I am back with a goodie! And while I had the full intention of up keeping the series on the regular, the way I shop has significantly changed. How, you ask? The way I shop and consume products has slowed down considerably. I've noticed as I'm getting older, the idea of investing in pieces and accessories has become increasingly relevant. Now that I haven't been wearing a uniform fives times a week, I prefer spending my money on what I used to call 'boring' pieces. But, I am a fashion enthusiast after all and I still rely on a healthy balance of investment pieces and trend pieces. So, let's talk my latest trend obsession: gingham.

Gingham has been hot this year, especially on the high street with brands such as Topshop and ASOS bringing the trend to life in a variety of ways. If I'm going to invest in a trend, I always want the versatility to still make it my own and to stand out from the crowd.

Which leads me to bring you this set from Livingstone Cooper. Most of what you'll find is black & white gingham - which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with! However, the devil is in the details, so needless to say I love that this coord is the non traditional blue patterning. Other details I love are the buttons and the silhouette which are still remarkedly simple. The top manages to also encapsulate both the shirting and off-shoulder trends into something also quite unexpected. Let me know what gingham pieces you've picked up recently!

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Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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