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A large part of growing up and coming into your style, is the increasing importance of investing in quality jewellery and basics in general. I have found accessorising becoming more and more integral to my everyday dressing - where most of the accessorising is comprised of minimal jewels. It began right when I finished school and we were lucky enough to receive a signet ring as a graduation gift and from there I started collecting pieces (especially rings) to add to my collection. Next thing I knew I was wearing them on a daily basis and I loved the dimension it brought to my outfits despite being so minimal.

I am constantly on the hunt now for niche jewellery brands that pride themselves in the quality of their pieces. A few months ago I discovered the one and only Flash Jewellery. They are a New Zealand brand with an incredible eye for detail and pieces perfect for everyday. I thought I would share a few of their best selling pieces and how I've styled them up!

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If you're looking to shell out a decent amount of money on jewellery pieces, my number one advice is always to invest in minimal pieces - something that you can wear everyday, or somewhere close to that. A piece that definitely fits that criteria is the Serpant necklace that I have styled up here. You can see you really don't even need a lot going on in your outfit for something so simple to work. The vibrant gold and thick, yet smooth chain give it this statement yet also understated look, deeming it the perfect investment piece. It is also adjustable to fit a as a choker style or the standard necklace length - which is pretty genius if you ask me. Although, the choker trend is everywhere you look, to me it isn't a trend I would likely invest in but it's incredible when a brand designs a piece that has the maximises the versatility of their pieces because they understand it's an investment for you too.

Urban Outfitters bra

Vintage vest

Topshop Dree jeans

R.M. Williams Craftsman boots

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Despite having put major emphasis on wearing these pieces on a daily basis, investing in minimal jewellery is the gift that keeps on giving. Simple, classic designs also go a long way for occasion wear too.

If you're anything like me and have a terrible habit of over dressing then simple earrings like the Chloe sleeper hoops and staple cuff add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I have found myself reaching so much for the hoops!

The design encapsulates class and modernity and catches the light beautifully. Also, don't be afraid to mix and match all your minimal pieces, especially metals! Mixing metals is the ultimate way to be you and add personality to your pieces.

Chloe hoops

Staple cuff

Keepsake dress

R.M. Williams Craftsman boots

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