As a blogger, fashion lover and beauty enthusiast, there is not much 'instant' about my Instagram anymore. Despite the constant pressure to create better content, there is also a fun challenge to really push your creative boundaries and create the best content you can. Instagram depends on much more than imagery and can be very overwhelming! Luckily, I'm here to spill all my secrets.


I admit, when Instagram rolled out their new "SAVE" feature, I didn't think it would revolutionize the way I used Instagram. But then I found myself using it more and more and it turned Instagram into, not only a platform to promote my blog, but a constructive tool. It is incredibly easy to use (I'm sure you already know that), but it meant I could find and collect inspiration, and organise them into categories. Firstly, if there is an image I really love on my feed, I always ask myself what is it I love about it? Is it just the outfit, or is it the quality of the image, the colours or the angle? This technique prevents my saved items from looking exactly like my feed - because obviously I like all the images on my feed! By analysing the reason that made you stop and admire an image and not scroll on down, can work wonders for your creative juices and make you feel constantly inspired to create amazing work.


The location of a shoot or simple outfit photo is key. It is the foundation of not only your photo or shoot but also your overall aesthetic on Instagram. I am on the constant lookout for locations for shoots when I am out and about because you never know when you may see a wall or cafe that would perfectly suit your outfit - or even inspire an outfit idea itself. I personally prefer very minimal locations that compliment the colouring of my outfit as not to overpower it. For instance, this pink wall was the perfect location for my casual outfit and my new favourite tee from & Other Stories.


I think we can all agree that natural light is the best light - it's easy to work with and almost always produces the best results! It is very important to consider your light source as well as the time of day. Depending on the weather and time of day can produce varying sources of light that are all different to work with as the model as well as the photographer.

Tips for direct sunlight

This shoot, for example, was shot in direct sunlight at around 1-2PM - which I generally find quite a difficult time to take photos. If you're shooting in direct sunlight, make sure to incorporate sunglasses into your look, angle your body towards the sunlight and to wear a simple outfit that won't get washed out.

Tips for shade/overcast

I generally like to shoot on slightly overcast days or in the shade for a softer lighting effect. That way there are no harsh shadows and there isn't a strict angle you need to stand at for a flattering photo. Don't be fooled, there is still a light source to be aware of and it is always flattering to angle your face towards this light.



Experimenting with angles is where I can be the most creative and really add a unique touch to Instagram photos. For my petite shape, I find a lower angle is always flattering. I have also been combining this lower angle with an off-centre framing so that your body lies on the diagonal of an image. Not only can you fit more into the diagonal but it adds something different that not every other blogger is doing. I also find this means I do not have to compromise my style, look or location to be different!


I always like to edit my photos no matter what camera or phone I use to take them. Not everything translates through the lenses as you would, so a little editing can go a long way. The key is not to overdo it. Editing definitely abides by less is more.

VSCO Camera is the app I like to use to edit all my photos. Sticking to the same filter/s can keep your Instagram photos consistent without boxing you into a strict theme but the trick is to dial these filters down for a more natural effect. I like to dial the filter down to at least half and then play around with the normal editing tools. I always increase the brightness, increase the sharpness (don't go overboard!), and decrease the temperature.

& Other Stories tee

Topshop Straight leg jeans

Celine 'Baby Audrey' sunglasses

Zara boots (old)

Tissot vintage watch

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo in Fling It On 02

Photography by Jordan Lee

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