Utterly vivacious and full of life, Bella Sen is not only one of the kindest bloggers I have met, but certainly a blogger to watch. Founder of Right Now I Love, it's hard not to love her fun and don't-take-fashion-too-seriously vibe.

Naturally, Bella and I met through Instagram, where we had been following each other for a little while. It wasn’t until she had noticed I had gone uncredited in an image posted by a brand and instantly personally messaged me to let me know that we started talking. This act is a true testament to Bella’s kindness and support, qualities so essential in the blogging industry. All the while, it turned out we were in the same year, at the same university and it was safe to say we got on instantly. As we discovered the many things we had in common, such as, juggling our last years of uni, a blog and a part time job, we fast became friends. A collaboration only seemed a natural eventuation, where we could put our heads together and get those creative juices flowing. We arranged to meet up a couple of weeks later and we could not stop chatting! We got to know each other and chatted all thing blogging, uni and boyfriends for over three hours before even getting to any collaboration ideas.

Oodles of colour, print and ruffles, Bella’s style is a true expression of her personality. You name it, she’s styled it – from lemons, check to socks and sandals, it’s difficult to imagine Bella not being able to pull off anything. Bella has also recently developed a modern retro look, where she still explores fashion and style as she normally would, but it new locations and style in photography. Bella’s style evolution is only just beginning, so I hope you’ll join me on the journey to see what she has next in store!

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Q1. How did you first start getting into blogging?

Well, the story goes way back to when I was about 12 years old running my own online magazine. I ran ‘Girl Magazine’ for a few years and wrote everything from global issues, to cool tech and fashion. I was lucky enough to score a red carpet interview with Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson - definitely a highlight! Since then I have had multiple blogs and projects because I love to be involved in something that I’m passionate about and I have always wanted to be my own boss. Running a fashion blog is a lot of hard work but it is always worth it if you're doing something you love.

Q2. What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?

When I was younger I was obsessed with Rugby Union. I would watch every single game, while writing notes about it on my dolphin note pad. I would say I was quite obsessed. I also am a very sporty person. I wanted to be a professional tennis player when I was 13, I played soccer and refereed it for about 5 years and now I play mixed touch football.

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Q3. What do you think you’ll be wearing in, say, 5 years time?

A lot of Gucci, I hope… Not even kidding! I hope my style is similar to the renaissance/ vintage vibes I have going on at the moment. I definitely hope I still prefer to wear a pair of pink pants over black skinny jeans.

Q4. Do you have a fashion guilty pleasure?

Oversized knits! I love how cuddly they are! I feel like a home sloth in them, it’s fantastic!

Q5. What top 3 songs have you been jamming to at the moment?

You Spin me round ( like a record baby) by Youthquake - Definitely a banger

Sweet Creature by Harry Styles

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed - Best cover ever!

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Q6. What is the best style advice you’ve been given? And what advice would you give someone else struggling to find their style?

I think the best style advice I’ve ever been given would to be dress for you. As cliche as that may sound, it’s the best way to style yourself! Also don't set boundaries, dress a bit extravagant one day and try something new. You find your own style by trying different things and later on finding yourself reaching for the same items and styling them in similar ways. You end up feeling confident and you feel as though you show everyone your personality through what you are wearing.

Q7. One tip for someone who is looking to start their own blog?

One tip I would give is to not spend so much time stressing about getting the ‘vibe’ of your blog and your style consistency. Starting off and even now my style keeps changing and tweaking its self! Just do you and go with the flow!

You can follow Bella Sen on her Instagram and keep up with all things fashion at her blog, Right Now I Love.

Photography by Chelsea Sen



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What I'm wearing:

I.AM.GIA coat

COS knit top

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal jeans

Kurt Geiger heels (old)

Oroton bag


Topshop top

Vintage skirt

Glassons coat

ASOS earrings

Sportsgirl bag (old)

Sol Sana shoes (old)

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