Top o' the mornin' to you from London town! For those who know me well, London is my favourite city and I would take any opportunity to come again and again. After finding out a month or so ago that my sister would be passing through on her travels for work, a very short and last minute trip was booked! Although, only having a week to get everything organised and to pack, I was very excited to return after 3 long years. I, of course though, experienced every delay possible and arrived 8 hours late. With a whole day gone due to my late arrival, I refused to let it dampen my now 5 day stay.

A dedicated photo diary will be on its way once I get back to Sydney, but in the mean time let me tell you about mt favourite morning in London so far. This pretty little Keepsake set (which is giving some serious 90s Gwyenth Paltrow vibes) couldn't have matched more perfectly to the elegant and serene, Somerset House. There is a beautiful collection of Medieval and Impressionist art as well as a temporary perfume exhibition. Both of which were standouts of the holiday so far - I couldn't believe I hadn't made it here on any of my previous trips! The perfume exhibition was none like I had ever been to before - it was extremely interactive, where you had to smell 10 scents and jot down any notes you manage to pick up as well as memories and feelings the scent evokes. Each room was decorated accordingly to suit the scent but without giving anything away. Although, not for those with a sensitive sense of smell (and probably those with hayfever), it was so much fun and I would highly recommend, I even kept my card with all my notes on it!

To top it off, I was feeling fine and fabulous in this gorgeous Keepsake set which I know I am going to be wearing a tonne when the weather in Sydney heats up. I absolutely love the way the asymmetric cami and midi skirt drapes and skims the body in the most flattering way. I will be sure to be dressing both pieces down separately - the cami with some distressed denim and the skirt with a slogan tee!

That's all from me, catch you on the flip side!

Leanne x

Keepsake cami | Keepsake skirt

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