9 Hacks That Make Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe WAY Easier

Let’s face it, when the weather starts warming up and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that is spring, you’re too preoccupied with glorious thoughts of outfits that don’t involve thermals, jumpers and coats. The spring cleaning ritual – with an untimely name may I point out – doesn’t always follow suit. Luckily, cleaning out your closet can be for any time of the year. All it requires is a little inspiration and determination and when you have a little more time on your hands).

I know what you’re thinking next – where do I even start? Start by looking at the contents of your closet. Do you wear everything in there? For many of us there is extreme disproportion between our most worn pieces and space-wasters.

I’ve partnered up with Dia&Co to give you my top 10 hacks to purging your wardrobe back to former glory.

1. Make your space inspiring. Begin with taking everything out of your wardrobe and your draws too.

Give your closet space a clean by vacuuming and dusting so you have a fresh space to put all the things you love and will actually wear. I’s easy to be ignorant to how much stuff we own, so this way will also give you a visual perspective about the amount of things you actually have (which is probably a lot).

2. Sort your pieces into a toss, keep and donate piles.

This way you can visually see where you’re items are going and the types of things are in each category – maybe there are some lessons to be learnt in the types of items you shop for but don’t get much use out of. Ask yourself if you’ve worn a piece in the past year and if you still feel attached to it then make a conscious effort to put it in an outfit. If you can’t get anywhere, then it’s for the toss or donate pile.

3. Trust your gut.

For the pieces that are sitting in limbo and aren’t sure whether to keep, I recommend trying them on. Your initial instinct will do the deciding.

4. Keep your basics – and in multiples.

If you often have rushed mornings accompanied with a “What do I wear?!” then basics will be your best friends. Unless, a white tee has a few stains or is yellowing in colour then having 3-4 will only help you create a uniform and takes the hassle out of those stressful mornings.

5. Don’t toss pieces just because they are old.

Chances are, you’ll have quite a few oldies in your collection but don’t treat them as having automatic use by dates. Some of these pieces, especially denim, might be able to be refashioned by cutting or fraying. This will help revive pieces that you thought you might never get use out of again.

6. Rethink the arrangement of your wardrobe.

I always like to reconsider the way I previously arranged by my items. Maybe your hanging department needs to be organised in colour order rather than style. This is a great way to keep the inspiration to last long after you’ve spring cleaned.

7. Don’t overlook your loungewear, sleepwear and workout gear

These departments are continuing to cross over into everyday wear, so it important to deliberate the quality of these pieces too. It’s finally time to upgrade those ratty and holey pieces.

8. Get rid of the pieces that you know don’t fit

We all have those pieces that don’t quite fit either because of size or are just ill-fitting. If it’s the former, clearing these items may mean its time to embrace your body, at this present time and all its glory. For the latter, those skinny jeans that sag at the knees and are too long need to hit you toss pile.

9. Don’t procrastinate on getting rid of your donate and toss piles

Know that it is 100% okay if you can’t get everything done in one day – we are busy people. You’ll feel much better once you are done if you don’t have bin bags of clothing laying around your house. Don’t put all your hard work to shame!

Happy spring cleaning!

Reformation dress (worn as a top) // similar

Topshop straight jeans

Windsor Smith loafer slides // similar

ASOS earrings

Oroton bag

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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