It's that time of the year again and the time to reevaluate and formulate resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Make this year your best yet and boost your style confidence with these tips. Dress your best right now.

1 | Separate your insecurities from your personal style

This is probably the main hurdle that's stopping you from truly embracing your personal style. Once you stop overthinking, you’ll surprise yourself with how your body hang ups are not stopping you from having great style and improving your confidence.

2 | Declutter & get rid of the clothes that make you feel bad

We all have those pieces that we like to think we’d wear but in reality they have just been actually just been occupying valuable space in your wardrobe since the day you purchased them. For me, it’s those bodycon dresses and too-short-and-too-tight skirts. There is no time like the present, it’s time to bin them and get on with taking back your true style.

3 | Get inspired - but don't copy

Finding inspiration can be the jolt you need to finally start dressing in tune with your true personal style. Instagram, blog, Tumblr, Lookbook and Pinterest are the simple, however, very effective places to start – but remember to hunt for lots of pictures of outfits and styles. Don’t get too caught up focusing on one particular style or person, and definitely don’t fall into the comparison trap.

4 | Start evolving your style

On the journey to developing your own personal style, start stepping out of the box piece by piece. Start choosing less ‘safe’ pieces – those pieces that you always seem to buy even though you have them – they don’t have to be extravagant choices, but baby steps is the key to expanding your fashion horizon and building your style confidence.

5 | End the negative self-talk

Stop caging yourself with your negative and doubtful self-talk. This will only disable you from dressing how you want and bring your style confidence down. Stop putting yourself down and start respecting you and your body with more positive self-talk.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee


August Street dress

& Other Stories tee // ASOS alternative

French Connection boots // Topshop alternative

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