Yes, surprise surprise, I am in yet another all black outfit. And you're probably thinking, I already know everything there is to know about all black outfits, they're easy, slimming, effortless etc.

But, let's add something new to the fold... a trend that has been making its way to the front line. And my, you guessed it, it's pleats!

I know again what you're thinking, that pleats have been around for ages and are a bit old-school.

Like any trend that makes an impressionable comeback, however, they are often reworked in ways that theoretically sound horrendous and abnormal but are truly creative and delightful when they come to life.

One brand that pleasantly surprised and delighted me in their designs, featuring heavily of pleats, is Livingstone Cooper.

This top is gorgeous, simple and elegant all rolled into one, leaving one feeling simply fancy.

I thought, the only way to truly complement this blouse was to pair it with black pleated pants. The texture and flow of the pieces provided me with the perfectly understated outfit.

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee


Livingstone Cooper top

Topshop pants // similar

Kurt Geiger heels // similar-Topshop // similar-ASOS

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