Ever wonder how your favourite bloggers and models always seem to look so damn good in every photo? Luckily, learning to be photogenic is a skill you can totally master with some practice and patience. Looking good in every photo may seem impossible but I promise with these top 7 tips and tricks, it is! You'll ever get caught out in a bad photo from a party and capturing your #ootd will be a breeze.

1 || Practice Makes Perfect

It may sound silly and feel a little awkward at first but the best way to work the camera is practice poses and faces in front of the mirror. It's all about building that confidence and awareness of your body positioning when taking shots. Not everything translates to the camera perfectly as to how you imagine it, but over time you'll build up a solid bank to whip out when needed!

2 || Lighting is Your BFF4L

Shade or an overcast day will surely guarantee the perfect shot but if you're feeling adventurous, other types of lighting such as golden hour or direct sunlight can totally be mastered with more practice.

3 || Experimental with Angles

For my short friends, ask your friends to take a shot from a lower angle so you magically appear longer and taller. But no matter what you're height you can add more style and panache to your photography by experimenting with angles. Opt for a stairway location where you can take shots from above and below!

4 || Put The Extra Mile Into Your Hair & Makeup

Ever reviewed your pictures after a night out that suddenly your eyebrows are gone or your hair is completely flat? A lot of detail and intensity gets lost when taking shots so by going that tiny bit extra (not so you look ridiculous though) can really make that perfect pic.

5 || Don't Be Afraid To Give Direction

The person taking your photos doesn't necessarily know how to capture your best self so your communication and feedback is integral. This is where you come in - given you've practiced and found some inspo - let the person taking your photo know exactly what you want, from the orientation to angle to framing. The clearer you are the quicker and easier you can create the best shot!

6 || Framing

I am constantly on my Instagram feed asking myself how people get their fabulous shots, whether it be of flatlays or outfits and more often than not it comes down to the simple factor of framing. Keep a keen eye while you'e perusing your Instagram and Pinterest feeds, you'll come away with way more ideas and shots to practice in front of the mirror.

7 || Chin up

You would be marveled at the effect of your chin in your photos. Lifting your chin will elongate your neck - the perfect move for those outfits where you have either a choker on or you're showing off a bit of decolletage or slightly taking from a lower angle.

All these tips work hand in hand with each other will allow you to build a bank of poses and looks that making picture taking super easy. Drop me a comment below on your tips and tricks for taking the perfect photo!

Leanne xx

66 the Label cap

Country Road top // similar

C/MEO Collective pants

Kurt Geiger heels // similar

Photography by Jordan Lee

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