Many of my adolescent years were spent purchasing random pieces that I thought I loved and would wear a tonne. Having to wear a uniform five days a week, I was definitely over compensating through the choices of clothing I made, resulting in a terribly mismatched wardrobe and still nothing to wear.

So here are my top 6 tips to making the best choices for your wardrobe and style to get the most out of your pieces and money.

1. Invest in the basics

If there is one lesson I learnt from my adolescent days, it's that basics form the very important foundation of your wardrobe and that you certainly cannot make the most of your wardrobe with a mass of statement pieces. It may seem a waste to spend a lot of money on basics and affordable basics are easy to find, however investing in your perfect white tee or your perfect skinny jeans from higher end brands might actually lower your cost per wear and you won't need to go hunting nearly as often. Paying a bit more money not only increases the longevity of the piece but the cut and quality will be vastly better. With that said, there are still plenty of brands that won't break the bank but are not of poor quality.

2. Focus on signature pieces

This point is along the same lines as the previous one about basics, however, signature pieces will be much more unique to your style and lifestyle. For me, my leather jacket is one of my signature pieces because it goes with anything and everything and suits many occasions. For you, it may be a tailored blazer or trousers, but again they help form the very essential foundation of your wardrobe.

3. Consult

It is always a good to have an outside perspective at hand. Take someone who is a skilled shopper and knows your style either along shopping with you or ready to send images to, so even if you're a solo shopper you can still ask for an outside opinions. These people will ask the important questions that you yourself might forget or avoid - questions like "Haven't you got something like that already?" or "When are you going to wear that?" or "What are you going to wear that with?". All these questions are vital in making decisions about whether pieces are healthy additions to your closet. And who knows maybe they will find something you never thought to try on or purchase.

4. Pining period

Even after you've consulted your most trusted and you're still unsure, allow for what I call a "pining period". If there are still many of your size available and the particular brand/store doesn't have a fast turn around of stock then I suggest leave it and sleep on it. If you're still thinking about it for a few days after or a week after, then it's a pretty good sign you love it and you'll wear it!

5. Play dress-up/ Have a formula

For my last point I have a double whammy as they go perfectly hand in hand. When you've got some spare time on the weekend, have a try-on session solo or with a friend. You'd be surprised how many outfits, ranging from basic errand attire to smart casual combinations, you can come up when you're relaxed and in the comfort of your own home. You can tuck these outfits in the back of your mind for those days you're running late or just feel uninspired - trust me you'll thank yourself!

Zara denim crop top // similar

Topshop jeans // similar

Windsor Smith loafers

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Daniel Wellington watch

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee

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