I am not afraid to admit that I have fallen hard and fast for the new wave of denim that has taken over! You guys know that I'm smitten with the reworked denim that more brands have now (thankfully) started doing. I like to describe as vintage shopping with a helping hand because you have a lot less to rubbish to comb through and if you're lucky you'll feel like you've found a rare gem. You do have to fork out a few more dollars but the denim and customisation is totally worth it.

Just when I was just about losing hope, having picked about three pairs of revival denim skirts and three pairs of jeans, it was a truly exciting moment when I managed to find this pair on my America trip at Urban Outfitters and I have been non-stop wearing them! It has been such an easy piece to pair with - but that is truly the magic of denim isn't it?

Country Road knit // similar

Urban Outfitters vintage jeans // similar

Tony Bianco heels

Leanne xx

Photography by Jordan Lee


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