I've decided to create a new little series here on The Mind's Paradise called Trend Talk where I highlight to you, my fellow readers, about the pros and cons of what is currently trending and what is worth spending your money on! The fashion industry is highly dependent on trends and it can be a difficult task to decipher what's for you. It is actually not supposed to be an easy task because brands and their marketing teams work hard to make sure that you buy their products. So, I have developed some techniques and tips to picking out trends.

Patience is a virtue

My advise, for picking trends, has always been to wait, which may be not be the intuitive thing to do. But if you want to keep your wardrobe a place for pieces to stay and be worn consistently, then patience is your friend. Firstly, see how the trend plays out, because if it's quicker than you can even think about purchasing then you'll be thanking yourself you never invested in the first place. Take the time to think about if this particular piece really suits you and your personal style. There is no use if it doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe or just looks plain horrendous on you! Lastly, question whether the piece is worth spending your money on, even if it isn't very expensive. In my opinion, nothing is worth spending your money on if you're only going to wear it for a couple of months and never touch it again. Also, something else I also like to think about it is, am I going to exactly the same as everyone else? Does this piece still give me the creative and free expression of my own personal style? If so, then I've got the perfect trend for you... Shirting has been one of the main focuses on the current season and I suggest you jump on the bandwagon! It is one piece that you'll never really feel guilty about having too many of, since it is so versatile and never really goes out of style. Brands and fashion girls have really gone to the next level, experimenting with longer and bigger sleeves, strategic and excess buttoning, frills and silhouettes - and the list goes on and on! I love that there is so much choice, so you don't have to give up any requirements you want in a shirt! I love this shirt because black is not one you particular think is interesting, but once you add shape it becomes a whole new piece. And there is nothing that denim shorts and boots don't go with on this blog. The Fifth shirt

Vintage Levi denim shorts

Topshop boots

Leanne xx Photography by Jordan Lee

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