Now this has got to be one of my favourite shoots because you know that nothing gets me more excited than boots and shirts. I managed to snag this shirt in the sales (so I apologise profusely you can't get your hands on it but I have linked some equally as great alternatives) and it really hits the spot. The buttons down the back, the curved hem, petite collar and exaggerated cuffs don't get you going then I'm not sure what will! My advice is when looking for basic pieces like a white shirt, keep your eyes peeled that bit of edge, like the button back for instance, so it stays interesting without tipping over into the not-so-basic zone and more of a statement piece. Keeping it sweet and short (literally), I paired it with my long time love, Ksubi shorts, with floral detailing and some fresh kicks to finish it off.

Willow shirt

Ksubi denim shorts

Topshop boots

Daniel Wellington watch

Kirstin Ash necklace

Leanne xx Photography by Jordan Lee

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