Your outfit all-in-one summer essential with a sweet twist.

My petite frame means that my wardrobe is quite lacklustre in the dress department, so when I find one that is edgy and fits, it is truly happy days. Needless to say, I've been thoughtfully outfit repeating and wearing this dress close to non-stop over the last week. If you were one that loved the high-low hem, then this one is perfect for you. But even those who were not such a fan, the subtly of this piece means you won't instantly be irked either. The tie around the waist gives it shape and the light weight material makes such a comfortable piece. I also don't have to tell you that dresses like does all the work for you, making the days with nothing to wear ten times easier. Can we all just take a moment for these Topshop boots. If you're a regular visitor then you know I am a little straight up boot crazy. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't fall for the soft leather and that red tortoise shell heel.

The Fifth dress

Topshop boots

Kirstin Ash necklace

Leanne xx Photography by Jordan Lee

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